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Picnie API with Pabbly Connect

Tutorial on Automating Image Generation with Picnie API, Google Sheets, and Pabbly Connect ⚙️
💡 In this section, we'll show you how to effortlessly connect Picnie with Pabbly Connect, allowing you to automate your workflows and create powerful, multi-app integrations. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to efficiency. Let's empower your projects to run on autopilot!


Tutorial on Automating Image Generation with Picnie API, Google Sheets, and Pabbly Connect
In today's digital age, creating and distributing images across various platforms is an essential part of content marketing. But it can be time-consuming and often requires repetitive tasks. However, you can simplify this process and automate image generation with Picnie, Google Sheets, and Pabbly Connect. This tutorial will guide you through each step, ensuring you can streamline your workflow effectively.
Section 1: Initial Setup
Step 1: Accessing Picnie
Begin by accessing the Picnie platform.
You can log in using your credentials or the convenient Google login option.
Step 2: Navigating to Image Generation Tool
Once you're inside the Picnie dashboard, find and select the "Image Generation Tool."
Step 3: Selecting a Template
Choose a template that aligns with your image generation requirements.
Section 2: Google Sheets Integration
Step 4: Google Sheet Option
In the Image Generation Tool, find the Google Sheet option.
Download the provided sample CSV file. Each template has a dedicated CSV file to match its unique attributes.
Step 5: Preparing Google Sheet
Open a new Google Sheets tab in your web browser.
Paste the data from the downloaded sample file into the new Google Sheet.
The first row will contain columns aligned with the chosen template's requirements.
Section 3: Creating a Workflow in Pabbly Connect
Step 6: Setting Up Pabbly Connect Workflow
In a new tab, access Pabbly Connect.
On the Pabbly Connect dashboard, look for the option to create a new workflow.
Provide a name for your workflow.
Step 7: First Step - Google Sheet Integration
In the first step of the workflow, select the Google Sheet option.
Copy the webhook URL from Pabbly Connect and paste it into the Google Sheet.
A. Install the Pabbly Connect webhook extension in your Google Sheet.
B. Paste the webhook URL into the extension, then test and save it.
You'll receive sample response data in Pabbly Connect.
Section 4: API Setup for Image Generation
Step 8: Second Step - API Setup
Select the "API" option within Pabbly Connect.
On the Picnie dashboard, navigate to the Google Sheet section and find the API with parameters data.
Copy this API and parameters data, and then paste it into the corresponding fields in Pabbly Connect.
Map the data from Google Sheets to the relevant fields in the chosen template.
Upon completion, you will receive the Image URL in the response.
Section 5: Sending Data to Other Applications
Step 9: Third Step - Sending Data to Another Application
In this step, you can select the application to which you want to send the generated image data (e.g., Google Sheets).
Connect your account to this application.
Open a new Google Sheet tab and create fields for your data, such as title and Image URL.
Connect this new Google Sheet within Pabbly Connect.
Map the fields from the new Google Sheet with the API response and the previous Google Sheet.
After ensuring all configurations are correct, test the setup and save the workflow.
Section 6: Generating and Managing Images
Step 10: Generating Images
The images will now be generated as per your configurations.
You can witness the generated images in the new Google Sheet.
To generate more images, simply add additional data to the previously prepared Google Sheet.
Picnie's file manager in the dashboard allows you to view or download the generated assets for your creative endeavors.
By following these steps, you can automate image generation efficiently and effectively, saving time and streamlining your creative projects with Picnie, Google Sheets, and Pabbly Connect. Whether you're managing social media accounts, websites, or other online platforms, this automation process can significantly enhance your workflow and boost productivity. Picnie empowers you to create countless images with ease, expanding your creative possibilities
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