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Seamlessly connect Picnie with Google Sheets! 馃搳
馃挕 Welcome to the Google Sheets Integration section! Here, you'll learn how to seamlessly connect Picnie with Google Sheets, transforming dynamic spreadsheets into real-time Image generation. From automatic data synchronization to real-time updates, this integration empowers you to harness the power of both platforms.

Step 1 - Download the Template CSV

The provided Sample CSV file includes all the necessary columns for this template, along with sample data used to generate the image, and a formula to obtain the URL for the generated image.

Step 2 - Import this CSV to

Begin by opening a blank Google Sheet, and then navigate to the "File" menu. From there, select the "Import" button. Proceed by uploading the downloaded CSV sample and importing it into the sheet.

Step 3 - Place your API Key and Project ID in the Formula in Last Column

Please ensure you insert your API Key and Project ID into the corresponding fields in the formula located in the last column.

Step 4 - Modify the data as your requirements and Remove the first special character "`" from the formula then press Enter

Feel free to customize the content of the template according to your needs. If you don't have specific image URLs, you can leave the URLs as provided in the sample file. To generate the image, simply remove the first special character "`" from the formula in the last column, then press Enter. By doing so, you will obtain the generated image URL.

Step 5 - Create more Images with your data

Prepare more data to generate more images with easily to drag the columns and change content as per your needs.

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